Benefits of Contract Manufacturing Service:

  1. It’s cost-saving to work with a contract manufacturer, since you don’t need to manage and afford for a manufacturing facility.
  2. You just need to focus your energy on marketing and branding while you outsource a contract manufacturing service.
  3. You don’t have to become a manufacturing expert for your project, and just leave the job to the manufacturers.
  4. It’s time-saving to hire a contract manufacturing company, as you do not have to spend time to train workers for product manufacturing.
  5. As contract manufacturers are professional with years of manufacturing experience , they can manufacture much better quality products than you.

Our Contract Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Prototyping
  • Mold Tooling Making and Injection Molding
  • Metal fabrication 
  • PCBA and Electronic Components
  • Pilot Run and Mass Production
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Control
  • Packaging & Testing
  • Logistic Service

Our Low-cost of Contract Manufacturing Service:

InnoCMS  is based on Shenzhen China since 1996, a low cost contract manufacturing company with core competition in plastic and metal fabrication.

We have our own plastic mold shop and metal fabrication facility, instead of brokers, which makes us cost-effective and flexible to our clients. Normally our offer is at least 30% of cost-lower than others.

Our facility covers about 3,500 square meters, with employees of 150 people, and capital asset for more than 5 million RMB. For over 20 years, InnoCMS had worked for more than 500 projects that covers automotive, medical and beauty, consumer electronics, and other commercial industries.

InnoCMS is grouped with experienced design team, project management, engineering team, and quality team that ensure you get the best product and production outcomes possible. Working together with you, we’ll bring your innovative products to market fast while helping you to manage risk so that you can delight and develop your market.

Flow Chat of Our Contract Manufacturing Service:

flow-chart-of-contract manufacturing

One-stop Product Design and Manufacturing Service:

InnoCMS provide one stop turnkey product development services from product design to final product manufacturing for global small and medium size companies. especially it's convenient for startups who look for one-stop and intellectual property protection suppliers, so that the clients can focus on their marketing work.

We have experienced product design and engineering team to serve our clients, with innovative design and proven process, we deliver highest quality products with fast turnout to market. Here below is our main work content:

  • Concept Design 
  • 3D / 2D Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Prototyping
  • DFMEA and DFM  Analysis
  • Mold Making and Injection Molding
  • PCB Board and Electronics Testing
  • Contract Assembly
  • Pilot Run & Production

Project Management:

As we know, project management is an important roles of managing a new project from starts to end.  When we take over a project from our clients, our project manager will be responsible for scheduling, planning, following-up, and reporting to clients. So that our project will be on schedule and under control.

Our project managers have strong background in both engineering and project management, which enable us to communicate with clients without any barriers. So you never worry about misunderstanding when you work with us.

Should you have any project to develop or manufacture, please do feel free to contact our team to help, we will definitely provide you valuable services with lowest cost. Just contact us now, and benefit your business earlier!