Custom Product Manufacturing

Our Custom Product Manufacturing  Service:

As a professional contract manufacturer in Shenzhen China since 1996, InnoCMS has a long history in providing custom product manufacturing services with low cost and high efficient production. We work with customers end-to-end from product design, prototyping, engineering, product assembly, and packaging.

Our product manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Prototyping
  • Mold Tooling Making
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Metal fabrication and CNC machining
  • PCBA and Electronic Components
  • Pilot Run and Mass Production
  • Quality Control
  • Packaging & Testing

Our Quality Standard:

  • Ensure all of products can function well
  • Keep 3% or less of customer complaints.
  • Our finished products are not allow to exist any cosmetic imperfection, like flash, deformation, sink marks, etc.
  • All of fitting structures are perfectly matched together
  • Our QC will perform a 2 hours for a tour check and AQL sampling inspection for incoming material and finished products.

Our Quality Control Method:

  1. Dimensional Control:

Our 2D drawing will clearly defines dimensions with different priorities as critical dimension, control dimension, and normal dimensions. All of our critical dimensions and control dimensions are strictly inspected and controlled while our inspection process.

2. Cosmetic Check:

When our project is launched from our engineering team, our QC department will received a quality check list which defined some the quality acceptance standard, which will be checked seriously while production and shipping.

3. Function Test and Transportation Test

Prior to shipping, our QA department will perform a functional test to check if all of our goods can functional accordingly. Meanwhile, drop test, vibration test, Salt spray test will also be performed before shipping.