OEM Manufacturing Services

What is OEM Manufacturing?

Perhaps you might know “OEM” means original equipment manufacturer. OEM refers a company hire a manufacturer to produce an equipment or parts, instead of them self. For example, Foxcomn makes Iphone mobile phone for Apple company, then Foxcomn is a OEM manufacturer of Apple.

OEM manufacturing and contract manufacturing is very similar, as they have same definition is outsourcing a manufacturing services. It’s very hard to tell the real difference between them.

How to Find a Good OEM Manufacturer:

There are lots of different OEM manufacturers in the world, they are mainly located Asian(China, India, Vietnam, so on), Europe(Germany, Italy, and Switzerland) ,and America. Among them, they may have both high level and lower level of manufacturers. Before you find a OEM manufacturers, you should be aware of which level of manufacturer you need for your project, then start with your sourcing.

China started OEM manufacturing services since the 1978, it is the biggest manufacturing factory in the world, there has tons of OEM manufacturers , those Chinese OEM manufacturers are mainly sprayed in Southern China(Shenzhen, DongGuang, Guangzhou) and Eastern China(Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Shandong provinces). And you can find any type of manufacturers as you needed.

Normally you can go internet, business fair, or mouth-words to find those manufacturers. Here below are some useful tips how you can choose a suitable OEM manufacturer:

  1. Get contact information on the manufacturer(like email, phone, address, and main contact window).
  2. Try to learn their capabilities, business scope, number of employees, and annual turnout.
  3. Ask for reference project as well as reference customers.
  4. Send essential RFQ to notify their cost.
  5. Sign NDA and manufacturing contract with them if you finalized your choice.

Our OEM Manufacturing Services

InnoCMS is ISO 9001 2008 certificated manufacturer in Shenzhen China, offers OEM manufacturing services in fields of automotive, home appliance, medical and beauty equipment, and other commercial products.

We started with our OEM business in 1998, our manufacturing facility has a 150 people of experienced engineers, project managers, and operators

up to now, we have over 20 years of experience in work with global clients in  various kind of industry. So we will be confident to meet your cost, quality, and  lead-time objectives of product, components, or sub-assembly .

Our OEM Manufacturing Services Include:

  • Plastic Mold Making
  • Injection Molded Parts
  • Metal Parts Fabrication
  • PCB & Electronics
  • Painting/printing/Pad printing
  • Product Assembly
  • Packaging/Testing