Prototyping Service

What Is A Prototype?

Prototype is a kindly simulation model based on actual 3D design or an idea. It’s an essential process in the product design and development process. It’s widely used to verify product design or show samples to clients while the real products is not manufactured. Prototype does not mean the final products as it’s only a rough and original design or idea.

By different manufacturing process, a prototype can be divided as following types:
1. 3D printing
2. CNC Machining
3. SLA & SLS
4. Vacuum Casting
5. Rapid Tooling

The Advantages of Prototype:

1. A prototype is critical tool when new product development process. It can help engineering team to detect any imperfection in the early stage of product development.
2. Show samples to your investors, team members, and manufacturers to let them better understand your products.
3. By using a prototype, you can get feedback from your potential customers quickly.
4. Verify product system, when there is a modification needed.