Turnkey Contract Manufacturing Service

What is contract manufacturing service?

Contract manufacturing is a popular outsourcing activity that happens between outsourcing party and the manufacturer to produce a certain kindly products, components, or assembly services. It’s a widely used in US and Europe countries. since those countries has higher manufacturing cost locally, that is why they have to find contract manufacturers outside their nations, especially in Asian countries.

However, in recently years, contract manufacturing companies have played with a multi-functional roles as product design and development, prototyping, production, and marketing strategy provider. In this way, the outsourcing company only need to focus on their marketing and brand building.

Advantages to Turnkey Contract Manufacturing:

You might be wondering why a company need contract manufacturing service? Yes, this is a good question. as it’s asked by many people. Normally the contract manufacturers can help their clients to save significant money on labor, materials and other resources. Meanwhile outsourcing company can save lots of energy and time to train a group of manufacturing operators. On the other hand, the contract manufacturers are very experienced in product manufacturing, so you don’t have to be a manufacturing expert for your project.

Our Contract Manufacturing Service Process:

InnoCMS  is based on Shenzhen China, a low cost contract manufacturing company with core competition in plastic and metal fabrication. Our offer is at least 30% of cost-lower than other contract manufacturers, since we have our own manufacturing facility in China.

Here below is our contract manufacturing process:

flow-chart-of-contract manufacturing

Reasons Why You Have to Choose Us:

1. Our offer is 30%+ cheaper than other contract manufacturers

2. We have 20 years of contract manufacturing experience for various kind of industries, served for over 500 projects , which can greatly accelerate your project speed and avoid risk.

3. We have our own manufacturing facility that is flexible to meet your manufacturing demands.

4. We provide full product services from design to finished products.

Should you have any project to run, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help. We will definitely provide you low cost and high quality services.