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We are original China Contract Manufacturer, 30% cost cheaper than other companies!

Inno CMS is an original contract manufacturing company in Shenzhen China, instead of brokers, which makes us cost-effective and flexible to our clients. Our offer is about 30% cheaper than US/European contract manufacturers or other Chinese contract manufacturing companies. This is how our clients benefits from our low cost contract manufacturing services while not sacrificing product quality.

As a professional contract manufacturing organization, we fully understand how the importance of our clients’ expectation at cost, quality, and lead-time.

Our factory is certificated with ISO9001 quality system, consists of experienced project managers, engineers, QC, and operators, who have at least 15 years of work experience in the manufacturing career. Some of them worked in the world fortune 500 companies, which enable us to provide clients first class of services. All of our products comply with US & Europe quality standard, like CE, UL, TUV, FCC…

Our facility is located nearly with convenient location from Shenzhen airport. covers about 3,500 square meters in size, with employees of 80 people, and equipped with most advanced manufacturing equipment for mold making, injection molding, SMT, machining, product assembly, and testing. Most of our machines were imported from Germany, Japan, and USA. Up to now, our capital asset is more than 5 million RMB. For over 20 years, InnoCMS had worked for more than 500 projects including automotive, medical and beauty, consumer electronics, and other commercial industries. So we are confident to become your reliable contract manufacturing partner in China.

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Us:

  • One-stop services from product design to manufacturing
  •  Our offer is 30%+ cheaper than other contract manufacturing organizations
  •  Our proven experience can greatly accelerate your project speed and avoid risk.
  •  Our in-housing manufacturing facility enables us to work flexibly to meet your product demands.
  • 100% safe for intellectual property protection.

What is Contract Manufacturing ?

picture of contract manufacturingContract Manufacturing is a popular outsourcing manufacturing service that happens between the outsourcing company and contract manufacturer to produce a certain kind of parts, components, or full products based on a manufacturing contract/agreement. It’s famous for China contract manufacturers to serve US and European companies. Fox example, the Apple company finds Foxconn as their contract manufacturing partner(So Foxconn is a contract manufacturer of Apple).

In recent years, many companies outsource a custom contract manufacturing for full process from product design, prototyping, engineering, production, to logistic services.

By using a contract manufacturing service, the outsourcing company can focus on their core competencies in marketing, branding and new product development. Meanwhile, the companies don’t have to afford a manufacturing facility, as well avoid energy to manage and train manufacturing employees. They just leave all of these jobs to a contract manufacturer, because those contract manufacturing companies are more professional and expertise on manufacturing.

However, there are still some risks to work a contract manufacturer on product quality, lead-time, and IP protection . In this case, we recommend you must find a reliable, experienced, and cost-effective contract manufacturing companies for your project.

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing Services:

  • It’s cost-saving to work with a contract manufacturer, since you don’t need to manage and afford for a manufacturing facility.
  • You just need to focus your energy on marketing and branding while you outsource a contract manufacturing service.
  • You don’t have to become a manufacturing expert for your project, and just leave the job to the manufacturers.
  • It’s time-saving to hire a contract manufacturing company, as you do not have to spend time to train workers for product manufacturing.
  • As contract manufacturers are professional with years of manufacturing experience , they can manufacture much better quality products than you.

Six Steps to Find a Good Contract Manufacturer:

  1. Search on Google, B2B website, or industrial fair, and collect business information( location, company size, contacts…) for at least 5~10 contract manufacturing companies.
  2. Sort out 3~5 potential manufacturers who has reliable capabilities, experience, facility, reference customers, cases…
  3. Send a RFQ to them for a rough cost evaluation.
  4. Choose 2~3 contract manufacturers who are most likely and suitable based on your target.
  5. Visit them in person, try to evaluate their capabilities, price, services, and realiability.
  6. Give them a score, and finalize your idea contract manufacturing partner to work.

What is CM, OEM, ODM, and Custom Manufacturing?

CM(Contract Manufacturer): It is typically used for a full product manufacturing according to a manufacturing contract, it has very strict requirement for IP protection. The process contains supply chain, project management, and production. So that the outsourcing company can get the full finished products while they can focus on marketing and branding.

OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer): the manufacturer make products based on customer’s design and other specifications(OEM manufacturer do not offer any design work). However the manufacturer doesn’t have the ownership of a product, since they only provide production services.

ODM(Original Design Manufacturer): When the product owner has a product idea or concept, the manufacturer will provide product design, engineering, and production services.

Custom Manufacturing: it’s unique and personalized manufacturing service for some new products.

When to Choose a CM, OEM, ODM, or Custom Manufacturing Service?

For different Product Stage:

If you just have a product idea or a brainstorm in mind, which needs someone who can design and manufacture your product, then you should find ODM supplier.

If you have finished your product design and get all of detail specifications, Meanwhile you know clear what you need, then just need to find a OEM manufacturing company.

If you have finished your design, but the system is still under validation, it’s the time to find a contract manufacturer, who have strong manufacturing capabilities as well as engineering capabilities.

If your manufacturing work is very professional and unique, you can find a custom manufacturing company to cooperate. For example, plastic mold making or injection molding

For different Order Quantity:

If your order quantity is small as about 100-500pcs, then you can choose an ODM service.

If your order is a medium volumes of 1,000 to 5,000 pcs, you can find an OEM company.

If your order is over 10,000 pcs, a contract manufacturing company is the best choice.

However there is no fixed rule to choose a custom manufacturing, since it’s could be small, medium, and large manufacturing volume.

Our OEM/ODM and Custom Manufacturing Service:

Image of OEM manufacturerInnoCMS also provide ODM/OEM and custom manufacturing services from product design to final product manufacturing for small and medium size companies. especially it’s convenient for startups who look for a supplier who has both engineering and manufacturing capabilities, because they are not expertise on product design and manufacturing process.

With over 15 years of experienced in ODM/OEM services, our dedicating team work end-by-end to serve our clients, we deliver highest quality products with cost-efficiency solution and launch projects successfully.

Again, InnoCMS is a professional custom contract manufacturer in Shenzhen China, should you have any project to run, please feel free to contact us for help, we will definitely provide you quality products with lowest cost. Just contact us now, and benefit your business earlier!

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