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The Importance of Intellectual Property

As we know, the intellectual property is legal way to protect patents, registered designs, brands, and copyright. Intellectual protection is very important for a outsourcing company who looks for contract manufacturing services, especially your contract manufacturers are from Asian countries, like China, India, Vietnam, Indonisa…If you don’t have proper IP protection, you might loose your product or business quickly.

Intellectual Property projection is our first Job:

As a professional contract manufacturer, we fully understand the intellectual property is vital matter to our customers. We take intellectual property and customer information top confidential. At InnoCMS, we have strict procedure to control the intellectual property.

Prior to initiation of a project, we encourage our clients to sign a NDA with us, this is to protect clients’ business from stolen or disclosed.

Here below are our IP protection objectives:

  • Trademarks, Brands, registered patents
  • 2D and 3D Design drawing
  • Electronic Design Drawing
  • Prototypes and Physical Samples
  • Active Products

We promise that we NEVER reveal or steal customer’s business information in any way. as our mission and goal to become the leading contract manufacturer, and help the global small and medium size companies to build their products. Therefore you should never worry about your intellectual property matter when you are dealing with us.

Should you have any project to run, you are welcome to contact us for a free project consultation and quotation!

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