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Auto Plastic Part Manufacturing services:

Auto parts is a big manufacturing market for contract manufacturing business, it’s widely needed from worldwide clients. InnoCMS has our own injection molding shop in Shenzhen China, which it is convenient for our contract manufacturing clients who looks for plastic parts manufacturing. Our offer is about 30% cheaper than other Chinese plastic injection molding companies.

At the moment, our facility is equipped with 25 injection machines,the machine tonnage ranges from 80T~850T, it is available for plastic part weight from 0.5 gram to 4.5KG.

If you have any plastic project, please just contact our sales to give you a competitive pricing.

What is Plastic Parts?

Plastic parts is the most common components for nearly every products. Plastic products can be seen everywhere. It’s widely used in automotive, medical, home appliance, consumer electronics, etc.

Plastic parts is made from plastic resin with a mold tooling. For different molding process, a plastic parts can be obtained by plastic injection molding, blowing molding, thermoforming, rotational molding, compression molding, and structural foam molding. However plastic injection molding is the most common way to produce plastic parts in large volume.

Advantages of Plastic Parts

  1. Plastic parts is very economical compared to metal parts.
  2. Plastic parts can be complicated in part structure.
  3. Good product consistency, Repeatable for the same dimension and shape
  4. High efficiency and fast production
  5. Available for custom color, shape, material
  6. Convenient for part modification
  7. Low scrap losses 

Disadvantages of Plastic Parts

  1. A plastic parts must be prepared with a mold tooling, which could be expensive for small volume production.
  2. Less part strength compared to metal parts.
  3. Part design must be considered as injection molding process as well as mold making accordance.

Common Defects of Plastic Parts

  1. Deformation
  2. Flash
  3. Sink Mark
  4. Burn Marks
  5. Welding Line
  6. Flowing line
  7. Jetting
  8. Short shots


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